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The past few years have been a whirlwind of exciting projects. FOX Sports hired me to do an original illustration for the 2021 Daytona 500. I did a poster signing at the Super Bowl in Atlanta. This year (2023) The National Park Service commissined me to do a cartoon map for their new 'Junior Ranger" program at Independence Hall in Philadelphia. I've done in game LIVE STREAM Facebook videos for professional sports teams including the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox.
I created a design for a series of Wacky Packages. Having collected them as a kid, this was definitely another "cartooning bucket list" item for me to check off. Ms. Boo Boo herself was a good sport and posted this photo on her fan page.




I was commissioned by GOOGLE to create an illustration caricature scene for their Pittsburgh offices.

My editorial cartoon work was featured in Dylan Ratigan's new book "Greedy Bastards". The former MSNBC talk show host's book debuted at #9 on The New York Times Best Seller List!







Read an interview with me that appeared in my hometown newspaper


Two of my cartoons made it into the "Best Editorial Cartoons of the Year" 2011 Edition. That was my 7th straight year being included in the book. Notable cartoonists in this book include Michael Ramirez, Mike Peters, Jim Borgman, Matt Davies, Steve Breen and Ann Telnaes... All Pulitzer Prize Winners.

Donated some signed art to a great event. They invited me to play in the celebrity game of the wiffleball tournament at "Little Fenway Park".
Check out

-Gathering a few Political Cartoon originals to donate to a silent auction coming up at the National Press Club in Washington, DC.

-Wrapped up one children's book project and just started another.
See what I'm currently working on at

-Created a character for an online shop. To see how that process works, visit

-Illustrated an original cartoon for Red Sox pitcher Josh Beckett's
"Beckett Bowl" fundraiser


-I was once again commissioned by AAA of the Carolinas to draw a promotional poster for the upcoming college football season.Featuring "Southern Fried Football" and several ACC and SEC teams.
Check out


A Recent T-Shirt Design




-BACK TO SCHOOL! Two of my Editorial Cartoons will be reprinted in textbooks.The Stanford Business School textbook will include this cartoon . Another one of my editorial cartoons will appear in a high school textbook in The Netherlands.

That's a Pretty Big Audience
I was commissioned to illustrate a cartoon map of Washington DC, by the Weekly Reader Corporation. Weekly Reader publishes twelve educational magazines for students in grades pre-K to 12 and reaches an audience of almost 8 million educators, students, and their parents annually.

"Play Ball!"
I teamed up with The Jimmy Fund in Boston and providing illustrations for some of their fundraising efforts. It's always a pleasure to help support such a worthwhile cause. Be sure to visit their site at 
Here are some of my baseball-themed cartoons


I created a "Bar Hopping" tshirt illustration for a client. Bar and restaurant logos will be dropped into all the open spaces.


At the Starting Line

I've always been an "old school" illustrator, working with pen, ink and watercolors (yes, the kind in a tray). Now that we've moved out of the 1980's, I've decided to add Photoshop to my artistic repertoire. I'll always work with my original tools of the trade, but will now have this option when a project calls for it. And just in case you're wondering, I have gotten rid of my Members Only jacket!

Here's my very first attempt at coloring my work in Photoshop.



Another Liturgical Mystery

I finished some artwork for another of Mark Schweizer's Award-Winning mysteries.
For ordering information, check out


    Best Editorial Cartoons of the Year

    My work was included in the 2010 Edition of "The Best Editorial Cartoons of the Year".  This marks my sixth consecutive appearance in the book, which is available in bookstores nationwide.

    Speaking of Books...

    Completed a book cover illustration for a publishing house in Milan, Italy. The assignment was to draw The Marx Brothers, Laurel & Hardy and the Blues Brothers as a football team. Here's the final art


    Syndicated Spots

    I'm now the contributing illustrator for the syndicated column "On a Brighter Note". Check out


    "Are We There Yet?" 

    Worked on a cartoon map for a resort hotel located along the shores of Lake Michigan. 
    Here's a look at the concept sketch


    Speaking of Maps...

    Illustrating a "Save the Date" Wedding Map this week for another happy couple



  • WASHINGTON: Some of my Editorial Cartoon originals were included in the latest "Cartoons & Cocktails" silent auction held at the NATIONAL PRESS CLUB in DC.

    National Press Club LogoNational Press Club LogoNational Press Club LogoNational Press Club LogoNational Press Club LogoNational Press Club Logo


    LOS ANGELES: The University of Southern California cartoon map has been completed and posted at

    MINNESOTA: Here are some marketing spots created for a Stillwater, MN. Real Estate company

    NORTH CAROLINA: A Charlotte-based financial services company asked me to create a Thanksgiving card illustration based upon a Warren Buffett quote. Here's what I came up with 

    Click here for a look at my work in MAD Magazine

    Here's a unique "fold-in" illustration, to be used in a marketing campaign by the San Diego Film Commission.
    Check it out here

    New Sports Page, check out

    Some new t-shirt designs (for client promotion) have been posted at


    This illustration was created for prints to be signed by Red Sox players and offered as part of Kevin Youkilis Hits for Kids silent auction fundraisers held throughout the year.

    Kevin Youkilis Hits for Kids is a charitable organization founded by Boston Red Sox infielder Kevin Youkilis, dedicated to rallying local and corporate support for charities and organizations focused on the health and well being of children.


    Cartoon map assignments continue to keep me very busy.

    A new site featuring my spot cartoons takes a look at the lighter side of business (and business books)

    Found this photo from @1996. My first (and last) freehand mural. Yes, I actually painted everything on the wall myself. I guess you could say I was "paying my dues" as a freelancer. Needless to say, I'm now a big fan of companies that can scan an image and create decals that can be transferred onto the wall.

    Did you play with Tonka trucks as a kid? Check out Site Prep Magazine's gallery of my cartoons


    NEW page added! Check out "Custom Characters"

    2009 marks the 20th Anniversary of my start as an Editorial Cartoonist with The Charlotte Post newspaper


    One of my cartoons made it into the "Best Editorial Cartoons of the Year" 2009 Edition. This is my 5th straight year being included in the book. Notable cartoonists in this book include Michael Ramirez, Mike Peters, Jim Borgman, Matt Davies, Steve Breen and Ann Telnaes... All Pulitzer Prize Winners.

    Children's Books
    Just finished TWO children's books. A few new ones are scheduled to be started in the coming weeks.

    Highlights Magazine
    Who doesn't remember flipping through Highlights Magazine in the dentist's office? I did a "hidden pictures" illustration for their 2009 Book Series. Check it out HERE

    Entries were judged by an independent panel of expert judges during National Book Week of (2007).
    To see which book I illustrated that took home this award, click here

    I was once again invited to participate in CARTOONS & COCKTAILS at the National Press Club in Washington DC. This annual celebrity auction has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years for scholarships and other worthy causes. I've donated several signed originals.

    National Press Club LogoNational Press Club LogoNational Press Club LogoNational Press Club LogoNational Press Club LogoNational Press Club Logo

     Learn more about the event at



    A "Monstah Day"

    FOX SPORTS asked me if I'd like to work the radar gun for a Red Sox-Yankees MLB Game of the Week. Walking around Fenway before the game (when there were only a handful of people in the entire ballpark), was surreal. As a lifelong Red Sox fan, the experience was something that I'll never forget. Click HERE to see how the day went.

    To see some of the cartoons that were drawn for MLB on FOX this season, click HERE



    To see some cartoons that were drawn for MLB on FOX, click HERE


    NASCAR and a Good Cause...


    NASCAR driver Carl Long carried the "Jaret's Angels" logo on his cars in Charlotte for the BGN race, the Winston Open and the Coca-Cola 600. I designed and donated the logo to help support 10-year-old Charlotte, NC. resident Jaret Arneson, who was diagnosed with juvenile (Type 1) diabetes in December of 2000. Learn more about the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation at

    85lowes13.jpg (63942 bytes)

    There's my signature on the hood!

    National Doodle Day Auction

    I donated two doodles to a very worthwhile cause.

    Rock and Roll All Night...
    My work was posted on KISS lead singer Paul Stanley's website.


    The Washington Times newspaper is delivered to the President each morning, along with his Cheerios and Sunny D! My cartoons have been reprinted on their commentary pages.
    For a look some of them, check out


    Shrewsbury International Cartoon Festival
    Two cartoon originals of mine were included in the Shrewsbury International Cartoon Festival exhibition. Since 2003 the town of Shrewsbury, England has hosted this international event which attracts around 40 full-time, professional cartoonists and caricaturists from the UK and abroad.

    To learn more about this exhibit, check out


    "Holy Assignment Batman!"
    I was contracted to create a cartoon caricature of the NY Comic Con convention show floor, for use in the program and website. The NY Comic Con is the biggest comic book event on the East Coast, and is set in the birthplace of comics... Gotham City!

    Check out the illustration HERE



    Hey Jim, we love the maze..."
    Associate Art Director- MADKids



    I recently completed a series of spot cartoons for a football trading card set. Here's a preview of the finished design. The layouts and color schemes were done by my friend Mike Arnold. Check out his work at

    See more cards at:




    This original cartoon (below) was included in the LIVE AUCTION at the 4th Annual Boston Bruins Golf Tournament.
    The Boston Bruins Foundation is a non-profit foundation whose mission is to assist charitable organizations that demonstrate a strong commitment to enhancing the quality of life for children in the New England community.





    I was asked to write an article (on motivation) for the Artists & Graphic Designers Market 2008 edition, to be released later this year. This annual directory is available in all major bookstores and online. It's a "must have" for all freelance artists. I was profiled in this book back in 2000, and wrote another article for them in 2002. I've also created artist "tip sheets" for Sanford and Grumbacher Watercolors. You can find those here

    "Save the Date" Custom Wedding Maps
    How a picture book illustration is created


    I'd like to thank the academy...

    Find out which cartoon garnered the award HERE


    A little bit about this cartoon...
    Here's one of those editorial cartoons that I just couldn't resist drawing!
    Cartoonist Rule #257... Never pass up a chance to draw a Florida "snowbird" in black socks and sandals.  -Jim

    Sketch of the Week*
    *or whenever I get around to posting one!



    For those who enjoy a "behind the scenes" look at cartooning, I've just added this NEW feature to my site. It's the closest I'll ever come to a blog. For some reason, I just don't think reading about me eating Frosted Flakes when checking my morning e-mails, and sharpening my pencils is that riveting. But then again, for fans of sugary cereals, spam and #2 pencils...

    click on the gorilla




    Knock. Knock... Room Service!
    I created this menu illustration for La Quinta Inns & Suites in Texas.


    A new picture book is done!
    Here's the cover art, as well as a cover design mock-up.



    My Sweet Sixteen



    Another year-ending "Best of Jim Hunt" in Charlotte's Creative Loafing newspaper hit the stands. It marked the 16th year with the award-winning weekly alternative.

    "When they decided to show a mild meeting on cable -- as opposed to the usual fights -- a parody of GGW was in order. This one is probably my favorite from the past year. Anytime you can draw a politician's nipples, it's a bonus."




    MAD about Ginger
    As a kid, you were either into comic books or MAD Magazine. Sort of a "Mary Ann vs. Ginger" thing. I guess you could say I was into Ginger! So to appear in the latest edition of MADKids is a professional milestone indeed. And to be in the same issue that features such heavyweights as Don Martin, Al Jaffee, Paul Coker and Sergio Aragones is a real honor.


    Left: The page from MADKids             Right: The original concept sketch


    The US State Department hired me to provide storyboard art for an anti-terrorism campaign overseas. Naturally, the illustrations will not be of the comic variety. More like the spot art found in those
    ever-popular airline "in the event of a water landing" brochures.

    Speaking of overseas,a few of my political cartoons were on exhibit in a Leeds (England) gallery.

    For all you WSOP poker fans, Bluff Magazine hired me to draw caricatures of Gavin Smith and Joe Sebok for a feature article.

  • Cartoonist Laureate
    The State of Maryland hired me to design and illustrate a Kids Coloring & Activity Book for the Family Services Division of the Judicial Court System. The book continues to be distributed throughout the entire state.



    Sweet News
    I created a candy topper "doghouse" design for Hershey's Valentine's candy line!




    Award-Winning Politics
    I  won a second place award for political cartooning from the National Newspaper Publisher's Association Foundation.

    I Draw. You Decide.
    My work has been featured on the Fox News Channel, as part of the "Long and Short of it" introduction.

     "That's One Small Spot for Man..." requested a spot illustration from me for their Christmas Eve news posting!

    The Environmental Protection Agency
    awarded me the contract for the artwork to be
    featured on their re-designed kid's websites!

    MBS Communications (Marketing Supplies for the Dental Professional) commissioned me to produce a "reminder card" for their latest catalog. My illustration was also used as the backdrop of the entire catalog cover!

    International Contract
    The Kumon Learning Centers (headquartered in Japan) contracted me to produce 960 illustrations for their newest classroom workbooks! Check out

    A Cartoon for a Cause...
    I contributed a HAND-WATERCOLORED cartoon of Bobby Orr's Stanley Cup winning goal (May 10th 1970) to the Boston Bruins Annual Charity Auction. All proceeds from the auction benefited The Ace Bailey Children's Fund at New England Medical Center. Bobby Orr was gracious enough to sign the original for the auction.

    orr2.jpg (192183 bytes)

    Maryland, Delaware, D.C Press Association awarded me first place in the category of
    Local Retail Campaign- B&W, for my own print advertising campaign. This is my second award from the association. The annual competition selects from newspaper entries in the (Non-Dailies) 10,001-20,000 division. Comments from the judges include,

    "Great continuity. Artwork relates from ad to ad. Great illustrations, great fonts. Nice reverse usage."

    I was in NYC at the National Art Educators Association annual convention signing posters on behalf of the Sanford Corporation (you know, Sharpie, Uniball etc.). The poster was an original "commemorative" illustration I was hired to do for Sanford. This was a follow-up to previous year's highly successful signing at the NAEA convention in Los Angeles. HERE

    A customer review from stars-5-0.gif (394 bytes) July 31, 2000  
    Reviewer: Alejandra Vernon from Massachusetts, USA

    This is a must for any artist or illustrator who wants to get his work seen by a wider audience. The listings are great and have details such as who to contact and what their terms are. Also, many companies have a web site so you can see if your work would "Fit in" their catalog. What I most like about this book are the articles. "Do's and Don'ts of Art Licensing" is this before signing a contract.. please !

    My favorite, however, are the "Success Stories". One of them, by Jim Hunt, a terrific cartoonist, tells how to use your e-mail & web site for maximum no-cost marketing. I tried it. It works. Thank you Jim ! You won't regret getting this's a good investment.



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