"You do amazing work and your style is eye-catching! It looks like you have fun with it..."
Marcus Hamilton (Draws the weekly panels of Dennis The Menace)

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Children's Book Illustration
Animated illustrations designed to bring your story to life! Each illustration is drawn by hand and not with software.
To see the creative process from sketch-to-color art click HERE.









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Attention Self-Publishers!
If you would like a quote for your book project, simply drop me a note jimhuntcartoons@gmail.com with information to help me put together a specific price. That information should  include: the total number of illustrations, the type of illustrations (spots vs. scenes), color or B&W, and the main subject to be depicted in the illustrations.

An example of a "spot" would be this boy at his desk (no background). An example of a "scene" would be the boy stomping all over his toys! The quote will be a flat fee covering ALL sketches, editing and final artwork. You will retain ALL RIGHTS to the final artwork. No artist royalties will apply.




"... The illustrations have arrived and they look AMAZING! I couldn't be happier about the end result.
Thank you, thank you, thank you."

S Danyluk- Self Published Author of "The Adventures of Scooter"



Jim Hunt made my job as a Publisher a breeze! He took our manuscript and came up with many fascinating ideas and drawings to enhance the pages of our book. I can't wait until we have another project where we can use Jim Hunt Illustration! I know we are in good hands, and I can trust the illustrations will be top notch!
-Dunhill Publishing



(concept cover design)






    Just some of the folks who've used my work over the years...



















    You are terrific!! You sure made all of this fun. At the beginning of the project when I was trying to decide on an illustrator, I tried to envision the end result of each person. You did better than I imagined it could be for the money. I will definitely call you for future projects.
    Scott Stroud- Author





    I'm glad your work made it into MAD Kids. You are a pro and great to work with...
    Charlie Kadau- Senior Editor MAD Magazine



    "... I chose him out of hundreds of responders to my craigslist ad. 80% of his sketches were accepted without any changes (and most of our changes were minor.) Where we were stumped, Jim came to the plate with some inventive ideas. Some of the wonderful extra touches were his additions. Since we were novice authors, Jim helped us shift some of our emphasis in what we were portraying on several of the pages. It was all we could have hoped for in a collaboration..."






    Jim Hunt has a gift for bringing an author's text to life! His artistic creativity and talent made our job as the authors a lot easier. Jim has a unique ability to transform ideas and words into fabulous illustrations. Each Jim Hunt picture is truly worth a thousand words.
    J E - Author of "Moral Kombat"



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