Pricing FAQ

Do you charge by the hour?
NO. I don't price by the hour. Pricing is determined on an individual project basis. Clients are like snowflakes, no two are exactly alike. Neither are their budgets. And if you gather a bunch of clients together and stick them in the freezer, you can take them out in the summer and... oh never mind. Pricing is set at a flat rate, that includes sketches, editing and final art. AND you will own the rights to the final artwork!


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How do you determine how much MY quote will be?

Pricing is based on a variety of factors including the amount of detail to be illustrated, color vs. B&W etc.

How long does a typical illustration take?
That certainly depends on the amount of illustration being commissioned. But as I like to say, "Quick turnaround" is not just a phrase I use when playing catch with my daughters.


Need a Quote?
Drop me a note at with lots of details (scenes vs. spots, color vs. B&W, quantity of images etc.), and I'll get a quote right out. Please don't send me an e-mail that asks "I need a cartoon, how much does it cost?" :)


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