"You do amazing work and your style is eye-catching! It looks like you have fun with it..."
Marcus Hamilton (Draws the weekly panels of Dennis The Menace)

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The tale of a girl who cleans her room every 75 years! This strip is centered around a little girl named Haley... And she wouldn’t have it any other way. It spotlights the day-to-day operations of a child who’s light months ahead of her time. Watch how she manages to spend more time explaining WHY she didn’t do her homework, than it would have taken her to actually do it. Marvel at her theory on Sadie Hawkins (a tool for the deodorant and snack food industries). Her neverending quest to land a gerbil, goldfish, Guinea pig, hamster or anything in the pet genre, continues to fall on deaf ears. Her dad likes to point out the "village of pet rocks" in the backyard. She, having been born well after 1975, has yet to fully appreciate his pop culture sense of humor.












(concept sketch)


The Cast

Phillip- Some people have a moral compass. Phillip has a moral GPS! He offers a rational counter-point to Haley’s "scheme du jour". Contrary to popular opinion (and cafeteria polls) he’s secretly NOT in love with Haley. But the tension is palpable. Ironically, their classmates have yet to agree on what that word means.

Izz- Haley’s "cool friend". Likes to think of herself as Goth. But reminds Philip and Haley that if anyone refers to her as "Goth", it negates her "Gothenticity". Has more sweatbands than a Major League shortstop.

Wilson- Haley’s dad. His response of "Whatever your mother says" is set on auto-pilot. This simultaneously gets him off the hook if things go awry (or so he thinks) and keeps Haley’s interruptions to one pitch at most, when he’s watching a ballgame.

Sophia- Haley’s mom. Unlike the other moms in Haley’s neighborhood, Sophia prefers a miniskirt to a minivan. Though for her sweet Haley, she strictly adheres to the "3/4 length skirt rule" at all PTA meetings. As mom is an MIT grad, Haley brings all homework-related questions to her. Briefly stopping along the way, to give dad a conciliatory hug.


All Images on this site copyright 2019 Jim Hunt Illustration All Rights Reserved